Imgur Meme Generator

This is an oldie, but maybe you aren’t aware (or will benefit from being reminded) of it. It’s popular site Imgur’s Meme Generator.

Memes are, of course, great attention-grabbing and shareable social media content. And with easy-to-use free tools like this one, maybe you should seriously consider producing and distributing memes as part of your content marketing mix.

The Imgur Meme Generator not only makes creating them dirt simple, it provides you with a huge library of popular meme templates folks are already familiar with, many I’m sure you’ve seen through the years. Yes, years. Many of the templates in their library go way back. You can also create them from scratch, uploading your own background images to use, but frankly, it makes more sense to me to work with the templates—but to each their own!

There are a few important things to note, however:

  • I couldn’t find a link to the Meme Generator from the Imgur home or even from its menus. Looks like a legacy feature. So, once you visit it (link below as usual), best bookmark it immediately.
  • You don’t need an account to use it. However, it looks like if you create a meme anonymously, Imgur automatically shares it publicly with its community of users. If you have an account (free), you can keep them hidden from other Imgur users.

To test it, here’s one I just created, using an old meme template in its library I’m fond of (Batman slapping Robin). The meme’s dumb, but hey, it’s just a test. Total time to produce? Maybe 2 minutes, if that.

Also note that made on imgur appears in the lower right corner. Small negligible price to pay for something this useful, simple, and free!

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