Image Color Picker

You have an image with some neat colors, and you want to know what those colors are. Color names won’t be sufficient, though: you want a color’s HEX and RGB values as well, so you can use them in your designs and projects.

This free online Image Color Picker fits the bill perfectly.

Upload an image, even a regular photograph. Move the pointer around, click on any color, and it will give you its HEX and RGB values. You don’t even need to have the actual image file itself: you can enter a URL, or even copy and paste something you see on your browser.

Picking and clicking on just the right color pixel in a complex image (like a photograph) is tough, though. Now this is what clinches my recommendation for this specific tool: it even automatically analyzes the whole image, then gives you a finished palette of the dominant colors it sees. Just click on the isolated colors on the palette! Really convenient and simple.

I got reminded of the need for this tool and searched for it after writing the Numerology Color Generator post; the gradient images that generator produces would be a neat Image Color Picker test for you to try.

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