Image Background Remover

Removing unwanted backgrounds from images is a neat and really useful image editing trick, and obviously it can get quite involved…. and expensive, decking yourself out with the right software, not to mention skillset, to get it done.

This online tool,, does a bang up job. And for free!

Well, somewhat free. It lets you download a lower-res version of an edited image for free, and a higher-res one for a small very reasonable pay-as-you-go fee (or you can get an also reasonable monthly or annual subscription).

But here’s the great news: I find the lower-res images perfectly suitable for online, on-screen use. For websites, ecommerce, etc., it’s fine. Test it yourself. Take a look at this test I did:

The original image I got from Unsplash. The middle image is after I removed the walls and the floor, leaving the chair, and the desk with the stuff on it. Saved it to a PNG file with a transparent background. This is the free lower-res image. To show you the transparency, I added a new background layer with what I call a sick green color, and centered it in the frame just to show I can. None too shabby!

Here’s the really amazing part: this was really easy to do. I just uploaded the image, and it zoomed right through the task, removing the walls and the floor without me even telling it to do those. It missed a few spots, but it was dirt easy to fix with the built-in editor that lets you “restore” any areas you want. I actually missed a few spots, which I noticed only after adding the sick green background. I’ll let you find those spots yourself.

Impressive tool.

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