iFake Text Message

You’ve very likely seen those screen shots of text messaging/SMS conversations. I think they’re like visual magnets; can’t really resist reading—or at least quickly browsing through—them when you see them pop up on your screen.

You’ve probably also already figured out that many of those are manufactured, not real captured conversations. So the question for us is, how do we easily create them for our purposes?

Not a problem. There are a number of tools out there for creating them. Among the few I’ve played with, iFake Text Message has been my favorite. Really easy to figure out how to use. Besides the dialog, you can even futz around a bit with settings for the icons and marginal info details, adding to the realism, like I did with the samples I created below (see if you can spot where I made some changes).

What can you create with this? Well, maybe the samples I did will give you ideas. The one on the left is just some joke I had in my head. The one on the right simulates an ad. That may get your creative juices flowing. (Click to enlarge.)

ifaketextmessage joke
ifaketextmessage promo
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