Humaaans Illustrations (No Copyright)

Humaaans is an excellent collection of illustrations of… take a wild guess. All drawn in the same contemporary style, it’s really impossible to give you a count of how many useful images you’ll end up with.

You see, although it provides a good number of ready-to-use illustrations of people doing various activities, it also comes with design elements you can mix-and-match (heads, arms, bodies, legs standing and sitting, etc.). This means you can custom-build illustrations of people to match your needs, even if you have zero drawing skills!

The set is released under the Creative Commons CC0 license, which places it in the public domain, totally copyright-free, so you can do with it what you will. Commercial? Personal? It doesn’t matter what you have in mind, it’s public domain! If anyone asks and tries to restrict you, tell them to shove it.

Clicking on Download at the site will take you to its Gumroad page, where you can “buy” it. But the way they set it up, you can enter $0 if you want, Gumroad will sell it to you, giving you immediate access to download it after processing your “purchase.”

The downloads are available in different file formats, including ones for Sketch, Figma, Studio, XD, and in SVG/PNG. The simplest technically to work with is PNG, using software like GIMP and Photopea here in the Toolbox.

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