GoFullPage Screen Capture

Doing screen captures of what’s on your browser is a very common wordpreneur task, and your machine’s likely got built-in tools that let you do them (I know Windows and Macs do). Problem is, those built-in tools only let you capture what’s visible on your screen, and you darned well know most webpages don’t work that way, with scrolling down to see more of the content on a page a fact of Web browsing life.

So, if you want to easily capture the whole webpage, not just the currently visible part, what can you do? Well, if you’re using the Chrome browser, the free GoFullPage browser extension is a terrific tool for that!

Using it is dirt easy: just click on the GoFullPage icon (if you’ve pinned the extension to the toolbar, which I suggest you do) and it captures the webpage you’re at in full.

You can then save it to PDF (great for you freelance writers who want to create clips and samples of your work) or to a PNG file. Simple!

Note that the image will be in full resolution, and GoFullPage doesn’t have any built-in resizing tools. Not a problem. I just go use ILoveIMG to resize it to whatever I want, like this sample Wordpreneur homepage capture I’ve resized (the full homepage capture was originally a huge 1366×2243 pixels).

A wordpreneur must-have!

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