GIMP Graphics Editor

GIMP brings me way back, since it was the first totally free powerful raster graphics editor (aka Photoshop alternative) available. GIMP stands for GNU Image Manipulation Program, and first came on the scene back in the late 90s. According to its site, version 1.0 came out in 1998.

Yes, GIMP goes back that far, and I’ve watched it evolve, and gradually get more refined and powerful, through the decades. When you consider how much it’ll cost you to use it (nada for full-featured everything, no “free trial” silliness), it’s amazing how far they’ve brought the tool. And it’s still going strong!

Download and install the software you need (Windows, macOS, GNU/Linux) from their site, where you’ll also find all the documentation you want (in multiple languages too), and a robust library of tutorials.

Frankly, unless you have to use Adobe Photoshop for whatever reason (such as a client requiring you to use it), I’d say chuck out that expensive crappy bloatware, save your bucks and focus on using tools like GIMP and Photopea instead. They’re that good

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