I see a lot of very good wordpreneur tools. Then there is that small select group I consider positively brilliant. Excalidraw falls into that latter category, in just about every single way I can see, from what it does, to how it’s presented, and even how it’s monetized.

Excalidraw is a virtual whiteboard. Use it for what you would use a whiteboard for: doing quick rough sketches, charts, diagrams, anything as you try to visualize whatever it is you’re thinking and planning.

Unlike full-blown graphics apps, Excalidraw doesn’t get us all bogged down in featuritis and technical specifications, and provides just the right number of easy to figure out tools we need to do those rough virtual sketches quickly. Easy as heck to figure out too—didn’t need to read any instructions to get working with it. A quick eyeball run-through its toolbar, hovering over an icon to get a short popup description of what the icon’s for, and I was good to go. See the test image below, which couldn’t have taken me more than 5 minutes to pump out, and that’s from never having seen or used Excalidraw before.

That probably generously estimated 5 minutes is even more of a tell when you consider that when you first visit the site, the whole screen is just a virtual whiteboard, with a few minimal toolbars on the edges. You can get right to work immediately, no marketing pitches to wade through, no accounts to create. I don’t even see any limitations to any of the drawing tools. It’s pretty much, “Here’s a virtual whiteboard you can use; knock yourself out.”

When you’re done or want to save a work-in-progress, clicking on the Export icon lets you save the work file to your computer, get a unique link you can return to later (or share), or save it to your Excalidraw+ workspace. That third option is for when you pay a cheap monthly fee and set up an account so you can conveniently store and manage all the work you do on their system. Otherwise, with their basic free forever option, just keep saving work files to your computer or keep track of all those unique links yourself. That’s it, that’s how they monetize it!

I could keep going on and on about many of its really smart, intuitive features, but hell, just go over there and play with it yourself. Have fun!

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