Choosing and using colors for your designs is serious business. We aren’t just limited to choosing from a small box of 8 crayons, after all. Or 24. Or even 64. The number is 16,777,216 different possibilities in the Hex/RGB color system we work with digitally. And you can get some useful info about each and every one of them from Colorwaze.

Not that you’d really want to. But for the colors that you do care about, Colorwaze is a helpful fountain of useful information for wordpreneurs. Just enter the color’s hex code (or click-choose one from the color palette tool), and learn a whole bunch of things about that color.

Like its name, if it has one. It’s a heck of a lot easier to remember than a 6-character hex code. Chances are the color won’t have a name, though, but Colorwaze will tell you the closest matching color name. It converts and gives you the color’s different codes for other color systems too, like RGB, CMYK, etc.

But what I find truly invaluable is that Colorwaze shows variations of the color (shades, tints, tones, and opacities), as well as harmonies (other colors that work well with it).

As-is, Colorwaze already deserves a place in every designer’s toolbox, but its developer says it’s still a work-in-progress, with more features to come. Cool!

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