Color Hunt

There’s no shortage of “color palette” websites and resources out there. But frankly, for typical wordpreneurs, I think most of it’s overkill and too complex to be of much use. For our Web and simple publication designs, all we want really is to choose a small set of colors that work well together. We don’t really want to be futzing around selecting colors from a whole color wheel with every color imaginable, which we’ll then need to mix and blend and coordinate and blecch.

Which is why I really like Color Hunt—it makes it all so simple.

Visit the site and you can start browsing color palette sets, each with four coordinated colors. Choose a “look” category from the menu (e.g., pastel, neon, retro, etc.) and browse through those sets. You can even search through their palette sets by color—select a color or two you want (red, teal, yellow, etc.) and it spits out all the sets it has with those colors.


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