No, Wordpreneur doesn’t use Missinglettr, and for a very simple reason: its operation doesn’t fit Wordpreneur’s content marketing strategy… yet. No doubt, it’s one of those really smart services that makes you pause, come up with ideas, and think of possibilities, so I wouldn’t be surprised if Wordpreneur finds itself as one of their heavy users eventually.

Missinglettr is easy enough to explain: With its AI, it takes your long form content (e.g., blog post or article), and from that it generates a series of scheduled unique social media campaigns it drips out automatically over 12 months, effectively giving you multiple ways to get noticed and draw in traffic from the same content with no further effort on your part.

For content marketing, I told you it’s smart. It is indeed a paid service, but it does have a “free forever” option for a single social profile (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and 50 scheduled posts. For a small or solo wordpreneur operation, that’ll prove useful and beneficial, I’m sure.

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