Invoice Generator

Do you really need a full-blown automated invoicing system? Not all businesses are alike. Frequent invoicing isn’t a thing for some, and for those, just a “manual” process may be the smarter way to go. I know freelancers, consultants, even online publishers who do their one or two simple invoices a month (if that) using nothing more than a plain text editor or word processor, and using a spreadsheet to track them.

For some businesses, simple is just smarter. Problem with this very old school approach, though, is that plain-text invoices are meh to look at. This free Invoice Generator tool takes care of that issue, without complicating the process, and even adds some functionality that makes the process even easier.

You don’t even need an account. Just go to the site, and start creating an invoice. All the basic fields you expect are there, so no head scratching trying to figure out what info goes where. And it automatically does the math, showing you the calculated figures dynamically as you enter data and build the invoice. When you’re done, export your new pro and legit-looking invoice to a PDF. Send it as an email attachment to your client/customer, make a copy for your records, update your Excel invoice log, etc. etc.

Here’s a sample invoice PDF I pumped out, for a freelance writer sending an invoice for written articles. I played with this one a bit—each article is a separate invoice item, the article’s Quantity the word count, and the Rate the price per word—so you can see the built-in math in action. Pretty convenient, cool and easy!

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