Hashtagify for Twitter Marketing

If Twitter’s a part of your social media and content marketing mix, then you know that  you need to use hashtags to help bring some attention to your tweets. With its 280-character limit, it’s also clear there are just so many hashtags you can use in a tweet. So, choosing the right hashtags to use is pretty darned important.

Thing is, Twitter doesn’t really have much in the way of built-in functionality that gives you data about hashtags you may be interested in using. You can, of course, get a very rough idea by entering a hashtag, and seeing the latest tweets that sport the tag. Twitter’s auto-complete feature that kicks in while you’re typing a hashtag into your tweet can also be helpful, since those are trending suggestions. But if you’re using nothing more than what Twitter provides, you’ll still largely be observing and going by feel and your ability to analyze all that.

Craving meatier info about those hashtags? Head on over to Hashtagify.

Enter a hashtag, and it gives you some invaluable metrics (such as its popularity scores and trend ratings), and other really invaluable information, such as lists of top influencers who use it, and popular related hashtags. All that and more are presented in a really easy-to-understand format; there’s not much of a learning curve to figure it out.

Hashtagify is a paid service, but it’ll give you a low limited number of free searches each month that result with just enough info to be quite useful. I suggest you do some homework beforehand, and just do searches on the most promising hashtags. (You can, of course, always go the paid route, but that’s your call.)

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