Amazon Product Analyzer

Although meant for affiliate marketers looking for good, potentially profitable products to promote, it shouldn’t be too difficult for you to come up with other uses for what the Amazon Product Analyzer delivers.

This nifty little free online resource will give you some useful sales info for just about any product on sale at Amazon. And all it really takes is a bit of copy-and-paste. Enter the URL of any product’s Amazon sales page, and the Product Analyzer will spit out its Total Ratings (reviews), its average Rating Score, and—this is the gold—a Recent Sales Performance score.

The Recent Sales Performance score ranges from 0 (blecch!) to 10, and is based on ratings it’s received in the last 30 days. The tool advises to look for products with a score of 5+.

Important: Although I don’t think they specifically say so, make sure to include the trailing slash at the end of the Amazon URL you paste. I got errors (and an error message that really didn’t help) without one. Something like this:

Notice the trailing slash. That link, by the way, will take you to a neat instruction book for kids interested in learning how to draw. Highly recommended!

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