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Free Learning & Self-Improvement

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Since you’re likely stuck at home because of COVID-19, I went through my notes for any interesting totally free online courses, training, and resources you can tap right now that may actually prove quite useful down the road. Here are seven… so far. Stay tuned for more as I go through my notes. Have fun!

Computer Programming


Learn computer programming, from fundamentals to data science, Web development, and even game development! These aren’t just tutorials (lots of those out there; Google them if you want), but full structured courses. A very reasonably-priced Pro option is provided, but its Basic  option is totally free and still gives you access to pretty much all of its course material, except for a very few highly-advanced courses.



If you’ve always wanted to learn how to draw, check this site out. It’s got over 50 free lessons you can view/download. That’s way more than you really need to get you started and busy! If you’re hooked, seriously consider upgrading to access the site’s more advanced premium content, but with 50 free lessons to go through, no need to worry about that for a while.


Economics 101; The Principles of Free Market Economics

One of the many free Hillsdale College certificate courses, this one with 10 lectures to help you learn the foundational principles of the free market.



Learn a new language! This site offers a huge selection of languages you could learn (Spanish, French, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, etc.), Its courses are completely free, and you can choose to work through their site or a mobile app.


Fundamentals of Digital Marketing

A free Google Digital Garage course, learn the basics of digital marketing. Explore 26 modules created by Google trainers, with tons of real world examples and exercises. Even get certified and maybe open up some new career opportunities!

Public Speaking

Introduction to Public Speaking

Improve your public speaking skills through this free course by the University of Washington. Study the principles of good public speaking, and critically analyze and learn from others’ speeches and through interactive practice.

Reading Speed


Read faster! This free online program helps improve your reading abilities and comprehension.

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