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Free eBooks

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Here are two massive sources of totally free ebooks. And they’re far from tiny operations! Totally legit and legal, we have zero concerns tapping them for absolutely positively free reads!

In light of what’s happening in the world today, I figure some of you will likely benefit from this information. Have at it! (And pass it along too while you’re at it.)

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Amazon Kindle

Yes, you can get heaps of free ebooks from good old Amazon. No tricks or hacks, either. All straightforward, direct and official.

And no, you don’t have to spend a single penny if you don’t want to (even to get the free ebooks). All you really must have is an Amazon account, which is totally free to get.

I can’t imagine that account requirement being a dealbreaker. I mean, really, in this day and age, what freak of nature doesn’t have an Amazon account? My neighbor’s tiny Shih Tzu doggy, Paulo, has his own Amazon account, for crissakes. If you want a practically never-ending supply of free ebooks. go get yourself a free Amazon account if you don’t have one yet.

And I really cannot stress this enough: You really don’t need to purchase anything to avail yourself of all the free ebooks you can get from Amazon. In fact…

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No Kindle is Required!

Although Amazon’s ebooks are obviously meant for their Kindle ereaders, you do not need to own or even use one to acquire and read any of their ebooks!

Amazon has even created a free Kindle App for your iOS or Android mobile device, or for your PC or Mac. The app lets you read any Kindle ebook on just about any device you may have! Once you’ve installed the app, Amazon even recognizes and associates it with your account; after you “buy” any free ebook on Amazon, they deliver it straight to your preferred device! Is that cool or what?

NOTE: You can also read Amazon’s Kindle ebooks online, on their site, without needing to download anything, not a reading app or even the ebooks themselves!

Just Browse the Kindle Bestsellers!

Amazon posts lists of their Top 100 bestselling Kindle ebooks… by genre! These lists are dynamically updated hourly. Here’s the thing some of you may not realize: Amazon posts lists of both Paid and Free bestsellers!

So, for each genre, just click on the Top 100 Free tab to see the latest bestselling freebies in that genre. That’s all there is to it!

Note that major genres usually have subgenres (look on the menu on the left of the screen). Each of those subgenres have Top 100 lists of their own.

I seriously doubt you’ll be wanting for any free reads now!

To get you started, here are links to the Top 100 Free lists of some of the most popular genres. Enjoy!

Project Gutenberg

Like most of the ebooks in its archives, Project Gutenberg isn’t new. It was founded, in fact, way back in 1971, making it the very first digital library ever! It was already a heck of a resource back when my 1200 baud Hayes Smartmodem was state of the art and expensive; today, with the Web, it’s just mind-blowing!

Project Gutenberg basically digitizes old books that are no longer under copyright and are now in the public domain, and have them available on their site for anyone who wants to get a copy (in a variety of formats), absolutely totally free!

Cool, huh?

It looks like they now have over 60,000 ebooks available. And in various genres and categories too. That’s a lot to keep us busy and reading. And for free; they don’t even require joining or signups to access all the goodies!

Here you go, links to a few good Project Gutenberg starting points. Have fun!

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