What is Keyword Research? (& How to Do It Right)

Source: What is Keyword Research? (& How to Do It Right)


Google’s search bar and its autocomplete feature can be used to conduct keyword research for your own needs. Autocomplete is triggered when you start typing a keyword into the search bar; its predictions automatically adjust based on the characters you type as you type them in. The “People also ask” section is another Google feature that can provide you with a wealth of keyword-related information.

The article is full of practical tips you can put to work, such as when researching keywords, keyword difficulty, search volume, and search intent should be considered. Additionally, keyword mapping and gap analysis should be conducted to help keep track of keywords and how they perform. Keyword density needs to be taken into account, and it isn’t recommended to use focus keywords more than once.

SOURCE: Elegant Themes

“Google has recorded over 2 trillion searches so far in 2022. With such an eye-popping statistic, you can see why conducting keyword research is required. Reaching more consumers is important, but you need to reach the right ones in order to benefit from them. In this post, we’ll discuss what keyword research is, why it’s important to your website or business, and all the tips you need to do it right.”