Keyword Mapping: A Beginner’s Guide

SOURCE: Search Engine Journal


Keyword mapping, a crucial part of SEO, involves assigning a keyword to each webpage and grouping them into clusters to create a topical site structure. It helps organize content and create a logical path for both visitors and search engine spiders. It also effectively helps measure SEO efforts and alert you to SEO problems quickly.

The process involves identifying a main keyword for each page, using it to find a larger set of keywords, grouping those words based on search intent, and creating a keyword map outlining the hierarchy of the site. This map helps you keep content organized, and prevents your webpages from competing with each other to achieve better search rankings.


“It’s no secret: keyword research is one of the pillars of a successful search engine strategy. They connect your website’s content with search queries…

Your goal is to ensure people have the best chance of finding your website, which means you want the copy of your pages to be filled with the words and phrases searchers are using.

But therein lies the rub: How do you know what keywords you should use?”