How To Scale Content Marketing & Improve Organic Search Rankings

SOURCE: Search Engine Journal

“Are you creating content for your website, but not seeing the results you desire?

Do you want content that improves your search rankings, increases your brand awareness, and brings you more organic traffic? …

1. Discover & Leverage Easy SEO Opportunities

Effort: Low

Execution Strategy: Use an in-house team or result-oriented agency.

One of the first steps in any successful SEO strategy is an audit.

This will identify the easiest wins you can achieve in search rankings through technical optimizations of your website, modifications of on-page content, and offsite requests for links.

During this process, you will also identify the keywords you need to target to get visibility in front of your target audiences in search engine results.

With proper analysis, you can determine which keywords will be the easiest to rank for in search and drive the most customers to your content.”