How to Get an Author Photo Readers Will Love

SOURCE: Alliance of Independent Authors


The article discusses the importance of having a professional author photo. It argues that an author photo builds a reader/author connection and establishes trust. It outlines potential problems from having no photograph, using a non-professional one, or even when using a professional.

It goes on to discuss how a great professional author photo is achieved, from preparing for a photoshoot to all the various elements at play (eyes, color, posing, props, etc.), and then examines a few real-life examples, analyzing why they work.


“Whether it’s your memoir, a self-help book, business book, professional development book, an award-worthy piece of journalistic nonfiction, or any one of the sub-genres of fiction, your readers are going to want to connect with you. Especially if they loved your book, they are going to gobble up the ‘About the Author’ section at the back of the book. They might even Google you and see what else they can find out about you online.”