Growing an Instagram Following That Converts

SOURCE: Social Media Examiner

“While there isn’t a single method to grow your community on Instagram, there are a few mistakes you might be making that are actually hurting your chances to grow. Here are three common missteps you want to avoid.

Not Sharing Enough of Your Expertise

One of the biggest mistakes you can make on Instagram is trying to safeguard your expertise. There’s a philosophy that says if you share your knowledge for free, then no one will bother paying for it. Of course, this has been proven untrue again and again. In fact, giving away your knowledge can increase the chances that your audience will convert into paying customers.

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses still post only a limited amount of information, hoping that their audience will want to know more and will follow the link and take the next step. But instead of generating curiosity and intrigue, audience members become bored and disengaged.”