Do You Need Keywords to Get Into Certain Book Categories?

SOURCE: Kindlepreneur

“Every once in a while I will still come across someone who asks, do I need to use keywords in KDP to rank for a category?

You see, when you upload a book to Amazon, you only get to select two categories, but these are actually not the same as Amazon categories. They’re BISAC categories, which stands for Book Industry Standards and Communications.

For example, say you wanted to be in the Arthurian category, but there’s no Arthurian BISAC category available when you upload your book to KDP. Should you include a keyword that says something like ‘Arthurian Novel’ to your keywords in the hopes that you will rank for that keyword?

There’s a lot of confusion about this, and even some of the mainstream publishing websites have some of the wrong information, so I’m here to set the record straight.

The short answer is, no, you do not need keywords to rank for categories.”