Carving out Your Niche in the Gig Economy

SOURCE: Businessing Mag

“The numbers of gig workers in the workforce continue to surge. This means that the opportunities to offer your own services on your own terms have never been more promising. With so many upsides, including picking and choosing your clients and projects, as well as your hours and fees, it’s no wonder as much as 40 percent of the U.S. workforce is involved in gig work.

The demand for temporary roles and skilled talent is unlikely to change, particularly in the post-pandemic era when companies have learned to rely on remote work and project-based tasks. At the same time, the digital world makes it possible to not only find, but also fulfill gig work — providing a gateway to a wealth of contract work once you know how to tap in.

Still, working independently with only your personal wherewithal to steer you through all the possible trials — including new technological territory, tricky client relationships, times of low motivation, and any number of issues that, as a sole contract worker, you must deal with — isn’t for the faint of heart.”