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About Wordpreneur Reader

The Net is flooded with a constant stream of incredibly useful information for wordpreneurs. Sifting through all of it to find the information you need as a wordpreneur is a monumental task (see flood!), so we need to rely on various resources to help.

The Wordpreneur Reader is one of those resources.

Wordpreneur regularly curates articles and blog posts from a wide variety of content sources, many of which you probably haven’t heard of, and presents them here for your awareness and use.

Along with the title, both the source and a select short excerpt are included in each Reader post, and a clickable link takes you directly to the original source material.

Each Reader post is also categorized, and often tagged, letting you browse through the Reader by topics of interest to you. This, of course, gives you the opportunity to discover more useful similar content you can put to work.

Note that although each post is dated, that’s the date the post was added to the Reader, not the original content’s date of publication. Some of the posts here have been published and live for a bit; instead of brand spanking new, they’re more like useful “new to us” content, shared here since they’d be good for you to be aware of, too.  So, the Reader is a lot like an online notebook of useful content out there, and one that also happens to be organized and searchable.

Although new Reader posts appear regularly, they aren’t added on a set schedule. So, you’ll want to check back occasionally for new posts. Or even better, subscribe for free to the Wordpreneur Direct weekly emails; each issue includes a list of all new Reader additions since the previous one.

Cool, huh? Let’s get to work!