WordPrompts Is Now Live

A new Wordpreneur subsite and inforesource, WordPrompts, is now live.

As some of you know, I like to monitor writer’s forums and discussions on social media. From those, it was impossible not to notice the frequency of “I need an idea for a story” type questions and related ones. It’s not limited to fiction, either. For whatever reason, some folks need help with generating ideas for what to write about.

Story writing prompts help nicely with these, but besides being pretty much limited to writing fiction, they don’t really help much with developing and improving one’s own internal creative idea generation engine.

So, I came up with WordPrompts, individual words selected to help stimulate your brain and its creativity, to generate story and article ideas on your own. Unlike the guided ideas you get from standard writing prompts, these WordPrompt-influenced ideas are not only totally your own, they’re undoubtedly and obviously personalized. The WordPrompt doesn’t tell you what to write; it just nudges your mind and consciousness in certain directions, and your own creativity can take over.

Unlike regular writing prompts, WordPrompts are easily reusable and adaptable as well. They’re just words, after all!

A new WordPrompt is released daily (weekdays), so they won’t take up much time at all. Save your favorites, and use them when you need them. Check them out!

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