Wordpreneur Is on Instagram

I’ve wanted Wordpreneur playing on Instagram for a while, but the platform isn’t exactly for wordsmiths. So, I just set it aside for when something comes to mind.

Something came to mind.

The new Wordpreneur Instagram account features my choices of really good book cover designs. Got a pretty big collection of them in a folder I’ll be moving over to IG for your inspiration and idea generation. Fiction, non-fiction, contemporary, classic, poetry, whatever, if it aesthetically impresses me, especially with its purpose and reason for being in mind, it gets added to the collection, whether I like or agree with what the book’s about or not.

There are already a few up. I’ll be constantly adding to it randomly, so following it may be a good idea, particularly if the general style of the designs I like appeals to you too (we each have our own tastes). It’s at:



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