Why You Can’t Comment

A previous reader of the old Wordpreneur site stumbled across one of my posts on Twitter, and sent me a message, saying she’s pleased to see the site active again. It’s always nice to hear from old followers. She did express there’s something she didn’t like about the new Wordpreneur, though: She can’t leave comments on any posts on the site.

The early HTML version of the site used a simple discussion forum script. And when I moved it all over to WordPress, commenting’s built into the system as you probably know, so the site used that. Now, I’ve disabled commenting completely. And the reason is simple and easily captured in a single word: abuse.

Abuse by marketers, to be specific. Got tired of wasting time and resources dealing with it. So—poof!—it’s no longer an issue.

Our lot does seem to have a knack of screwing up a good thing by abusing it with marketing crap. That’s what happened to email.

No joke: At least 9 out 10 comments when I had WordPress comments enabled were spam/marketing. And that’s conservative since I had excellent anti-comment spam tech solutions in place. Honestly, I’ve set up and run so many different WordPress sites, it’s actually impressive how quickly their bots find WordPress posts for their clients to autopost their ads-posing-as-comments on (and many of them got through, even with Captcha).

That’s the automated flood bunch. Then there are the warm bodies the auto defenses can’t catch, the actual users who post very short, sometimes single word inane comments that add zero to the conversation, just as an excuse to post their humongous signatures promoting their blogs, sites, affiliate program offers, etc. I had to go through those manually and zap them. Had. I don’t have to anymore.

I figure if anyone wants to comment on anything here, take it to social media. Wordpreneur has Twitter and Facebook accounts. Both are actually commendably good at preventing and managing spammy scum. (Except for Twitter’s direct messaging; that’s long been rendered useless too.)

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