Tip on Blog Posting Consistency

As I mentioned in the latest Toolbox post, I think consistency is critical for blogging success. That just means: set a posting schedule, and stick to it.

That schedule and posting frequency can be pretty much anything. Daily, MWF, weekends, once a week, whatever. The important thing is that your regular readers/followers can rely on you giving them new content following that schedule.

That’s consistency.

One thing, though: I wouldn’t schedule anything less frequently than weekly. Set those new posts too far apart, don’t be surprised if you end up just treading water.

And for a very simple reason and fact that people tend to love to ignore: You’ve got competition. Lots and lots and lots of it. Take too long, your regulars will look and move their loyalties elsewhere. In all likelihood, they’ll find someone (or a bunch of someones) more prolific to feed them what they’re looking for. Sure, some, maybe even many, of them will still be with you when you eventually get around to doing your next post, but you’re just an extra in their lives now, not quite as important to them anymore for satisfying their needs. Sigh.

There are real life exceptions to this, of course. Just like there are real life exceptions to the foolishness of relying on winning the lottery to pay for one’s retirement.

Not bloody likely. But yeah, it happens. Place your bets as you see fit.

On a related note, yeah, Wordpreneur itself has been far from consistent. So maybe I do know a thing or two about treading water. Haha! Well, let’s see if we can change that moving forward…

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