The Wordpreneur Content Strategy Moving Forward

I’ve been spending a lot of time of late reexamining and evaluating the site. The good news is (for me, anyway) its architecture and technical components are pretty much in place. Not much more beyond the occasional non-disruptive tweak needed there. But the content, however, will require some readjustment.

So, I readjusted the content strategy a tad.

It’ll still all look-and-feel the same—the content sections will be where they are and where you may have gotten used to them—but the strategic approach to adding new content, I’ve decided to go old school with it. The way I did it from the beginning, and for quite a number of years.

For the past year and half or so, the main content here has been Toolbox posts. A few other sections have popped up, and except for little update mentions on the home page, going direct to those content areas was the most reliable way to check on any new activity in those areas.

Problem: There was no one central area where you could keep up on everything going on in the site. And with all my varied wordpreneur-related interests and constantly wandering attention (not to mention this is pretty much a solo operation), it all got pretty chaotic.

No more. Everything going on with the site will be mentioned here, in this main “blog” area you’re reading, the Notebook. Like I did in the old days. Want to stay up-to-date on Wordpreneur goings-on? Just check this prominent section on the homepage or go straight to the Notebook section.

Some content areas won’t need to be mentioned here much, such as WordPrompts and the Reader; those are constant, on-going and regular. I plan on doing weekly summaries here of what you’ll find there, and occasionally do feature posts about any specific posts there I think may be Notebook-worthy for your attention.

The Notebook will also have unique posts and articles that don’t fit elsewhere. Tutorials, opinions, commentary, info, etc., you know, just like a blog. It’ll all be tagged and archived, making it easy for you to find exactly the Notebook content you want.

The Wordpreneur Direct weekly free emails will naturally reflect this change, and will basically cover new Notebook additions since the previous email. It’ll be an easy, convenient way to stay updated without visiting the site daily.

I figure this’ll keep things simple for all of us. Let’s get to work!

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