One of the Best Lessons I Learned

Although I am now considered categorically as one of them, I’ve always had some much older friends. As in significantly. Like a few decades ahead sometimes.

They’re great teachers. All a youngling needs to do is observe.

I recently saw a quote that reminded me of how easily I learned the lesson it teaches, and profoundly, from one of those friends.

I don’t remember what exactly we were talking about. It was a discussion, not really anywhere near an argument, and we bridged on a topic that we had discussed a few times prior. I had one view, he a different opposing one.

I brought up my view again. This time, to my surprise, he said, “I agree.”

ME: “But before you said <this>.”

HIM: “Yeah, I changed my mind.”

That’s it. That’s the lesson, something I instantly saw and got when it happened. And to me, it had quite an impact, just as instantly.

I changed my mind. It really is just that simple.

No explanation needed. No apologies; he did nothing that required one. No embarrassment. My guess—since that’s all I can really do where this is concerned—is he apparently took the available inputs, maybe something I said and/or whatever other inputs he relied on, reasoned through it, and just came to the conclusion that whatever he figured before, it just wasn’t cutting it anymore.

So he changed his mind.

That he said it so matter-of-factly normal likely made it more profound to me. My psyche certainly instantly made an adjustment, ensuring that’s how I’ll be handling things when, not if, I change my mind in the future.

So, what did we do after he said it?

We just moved on and forward. And that’s what we really want, isn’t it?

Its. That. Simple.

This is the quote that sparked that memory, by author Kelly Hayes:

“There is no shame in admitting that you were previously speaking from a less informed place.”

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