Nothing Happens

Chances are, what will happen to your book’s sales if you don’t do any book marketing, self-promotion, and networking with readers and the writing community? Or how about your blog? What happens if you do nothing else but write those blog posts?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happens.

Look at your book’s current sales numbers. Or your blog’s traffic counts. Do nothing, and in a month, 6 months, a year, it’ll look pretty much the same. Or likely worse (everything, and I mean everything, decays).

You’d think this is obvious, but apparently it isn’t. There’s no shortage of posts on writer’s forums where indie authors lament the absolute lack of interest in their titles on Amazon, or bloggers whining about getting no traffic. Sometimes they’re angry. Apparently, the following facts never really occurred to them:

Amazon has zero obligation to generate sales for your title. Nor does Google have any obligation to drive traffic to your site.

Bringing readers, followers and attention to your written work—that’s all on you. And yes, it’s absolutely, positively, work.

The good news is, the work may not be as daunting as it seems. It may even be fun! Check out this latest addition to the Wordpreneur Reader section, Find Your Reader: A Quick Guide on Building Your Audience From Scratch.

You can thank me for finding and sharing it later.

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