New and Improved Wordpreneur Reader Now Has Quick-read Summaries

Starting today and moving forward, all Wordpreneur Reader posts will have a new ultra-useful and timesaving feature for you: original article/content summaries.

The Reader, as you may know, is Wordpreneur’s constantly updated collection of articles and content on a variety of wordpreneur-related topics I think you may find useful, all curated from other websites and resources. Reader posts are categorized and tagged to help you find the information you’re looking for.

The new quick-read summaries give you the gist of the original source material, helping you decide whether to clickthrough and proceed to the source website for a more thorough read. This, obviously, is a major time and effort saver!

And, as before, a brief excerpt of the original source content is also provided with each post.

Here’s a good Reader post to check out, for a Slate book publishing and marketing-related article: TikTok Figured Out an Easy Way to Recommend Books. The Results Were Dubious.

Tell your all your friends, family and lovers about the new and improved Wordpreneur Reader!

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