$$ Multiple Income Streams: Make It Flood!

If there’s anything the Internet is really brilliant at, it’s letting you create multiple streams of income fairly easily. Much of which you can create, control, manage and maintain from that little corner in your basement, that table in Starbucks, and anywhere with a decent Internet connection, even a hut by a body of water in a totally different country!

The principle is simple: Have different things going on simultaneously, each regularly generating bits of income for you. A few hundred a month from here and there adds up. A few hundred a month from more than just a few heres and theres can add up to a really nice figure.

No one said those “bits of income” can’t spike and grow either.

Good for side hustles (I’m old school and not a fan of that vernacular, but hey, hustles are what they’re calling them nowadays) to do on top of your core work or project. Like if you’re an indie author and your books haven’t gained traction yet.

The trick is to work fairly easy streams. Things that won’t eat up as much time and effort. Some streams may take a considerable amount of time and effort to get started with, but once set up, managing and maintaining them won’t be.

Keep this concept in mind as I throw out notes and ideas at you moving forward.

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