10 Ways to Repurpose Your Content

I love the repurposing concept.

As far as jargon goes, it’s a very simple and straightforward one. All it is is adapting original content to serve a different purpose. It’s in the name.

And it’s a heck of a way to multiply your content development efforts.

Have you already spent time and resources creating a book, white paper, report, article, or heck, something as simple as a blog post, or even standard website content and descriptions? Creatively adapt whatever you’ve got for other purposes, media, prospects and/or markets, etc. And likely for not that much extra effort!

Cool, huh?

Here you go, off the top of my head, a quick-and-dirty list of 10 different ways to repurpose content. Your original could very well already be in one of the formats in the list; just pick one or more of the others to “repurpose” it to.

I’ve added my own “thinking out loud” notes to each. You probably won’t need them to spark ideas for you — a simple list would probably suffice — but there they are, in case you find them helpful.

Supplementary Graphics/Visuals

Depending on your source material, this alone can keep you quite busy. Take bits and pieces of images, quotes, data, factoids, trivia, etc., from the original and create memes, illustrations/cartoons, collages, and more. Great for social media promotional material, but how about ancillary products (t-shirts, mugs, etc.)?


Similar to the above, but more substantial/detailed. Excellent for social media and blog shares — do it right, and lots of folks will share it and/or embed it in their sites or blogs, even if they haven’t  gone through the trouble of actually reading it.


Just turn any digital content you have (say, a website full of articles) into a book or ebook. For sale or as giveaways (great as lead magnets, even if the content is already there on the site staring them in the face!).


If you’ve got a book or ebook, or enough content to create one, then you can also produce an audiobook folks can listen to while they drive or on their commutes to and from work.


Generally similar in format, distribution and audience use to audiobooks, podcasts are like radio shows, great for converting collections of articles and blog posts into “episodes.” You can even repurpose larger books, reports, etc., this way.


These are online meetings or presentations (basically, hold a seminar online). This format has repurposing built right into it: a live component, where you invite folks to sign in and participate in the webinar, which you then record and have available online for folks to access.


These pseudo-quizzes and tests have proven very popular on social media.  Check out Buzzfeed and Playbuzz for ideas on how to “quizify” your content into something entertaining and potentially viral (do this right, and folks will want to share it or embed it into their sites).

Online Courses

Unlike online quizzes, we’re talking repurposing your content into full-blown online classes and educational experiences here. Heck of a moneymaker or free lead magnet. If you can package it into some kind of “certification,” so much the better.

New Websites/Blogs

Turn any existing books, reports, etc., into actual websites. Good strategy for posting excerpts (but make sure they’re still useful and valuable) that’ll lead folks to purchase the more robust content. Also, no one said you couldn’t take an existing website or blog and repackage the whole thing as a new website/blog for a different target market!


Held this for last, probably the most obvious repurposing option to take: Make one or more videos from your existing content! Post it on YouTube (which can then feed your site with both content and traffic), or just have it accessible on your site, for pay even, if you’re so inclined!

There you go, ten quick-and-dirty repurposing ideas off the top of my head. No doubt I can generate more ideas and angles, but I’m lazy now. And with a nice round number of 10 repurposing ideas for you right there to play with, that’s definitely more than enough to keep you busy for a very long time. Have fun!

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