How I Repurposed

I’ve recently revisited and Toolbox-featured a powerful auto-curation and Web newspaper publishing tool,

But, as usual, I’ve repurposed its capabilities and set of features to produce something I want that’s a bit different than what they’re selling it for (repurposing and finding a different use for tools is something I find myself habitually doing). And this is why I have categorized under Webdev+Tech.

I personally do not like auto-curation for what I produce and share—it takes the me out of the equation. Have at it if it fits your content model; it’s great at it, but it just isn’t for me., however, also lets you deselect auto-curation and enter custom content sources and feeds to give you a bit more control over what appears in your paper.

Here’s where it gets interesting. No one said you can’t enter your own site(s) and feed(s). So I did a little experiment to try and “solve” a particular Wordpreneur site problem that was bugging me.

I actually manually curate Wordpreneur Reader content over on Twitter. You can see it here (you have to be logged into your Twitter account to see it):

I created a page here to bring that Reader curated content on Twitter to everyone’s attention, in case anyone finds it of any use (I curate all that regularly and daily). I also added some WordPress tech to display a list of the most recent of my curated Reader tweets.

Well, that listing of recent Reader tweets looked really crappy and difficult to decipher, almost techie gobbledygook. Worse, it was essentially non-functional (the links it showed weren’t live, you had to copy-and-paste to visit them, or go over to Twitter).

Just useless, in other words, and it bugged me.

I remembered, and I figured, what the hey, let’s try using the #readerWP Twitter hashtag link (where all of my curated Wordpreneur Reader tweets go) as my paper’s sole feed for content. And dang if it didn’t work. You can see it here.

But I took it a step further. I wanted to see if I could get that nicely-formatted Web paper to display right here, in place of that ugly and useless WordPress list of recent tweets.

Well dang if that didn’t work too! Here, take a look for yourself.

You can now just go visit that page here and see the Wordpreneur Reader curated content, all without setting foot over on Twitter.

How it works: has a feature that gives you some code you can add to your site’s code to display your paper. So, that’s what I did. 

If you put your thinking cap on, besides sourcing content from a Twitter hashtag link, this should also work with your Twitter account profile link (or anyone‘s Twitter profile, for that matter), and feed links from pretty much any of your actual sites too. Have fun!

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