Wordpreneur Notebook • May 11, 2021

No writing portfolio and you’re a new freelancer? Easy fix.

You’re brand new to the freelance writing game, so you’ve got an empty portfolio of published clips. You also can’t help but notice, as you check around for freelance writing gigs, that employers want to see a portfolio of your work. So you’re screwed, right?

No, you’re not.

Think like an employer (that’s actually a marketing mini-tip right there); all they really want to see is what they’ll be getting if they hire you to do the work.

So, show them. Create a full, complete sample and stick it in your portfolio.

The best part at this early stage: You can create a “sample” that matches what they’re looking for exactly. Even one specific for their industry, or a related one. They’re looking for a white paper writer? Create a white paper. They want business articles or catalog copy? Pump those out. And so on.

You only need to do this at the beginning, really; your portfolio will pretty much take care of itself as you start taking on actual work. And, of course, any samples you create can be shown to other prospects as well.

Frankly, if this looks like something that will be difficult for you to do, freelance writing is most probably not for you.

Now, some employers will specifically state that they want to see “paid work you’ve done for other clients.” Phffft. If your work is good, they won’t give a sh*t. Probably won’t even notice you calling it a “sample” (I suggest you be forthcoming these are samples). Your work speaks for itself. It’s the so-so stuff that gets all caught up in these silly technicalities. If your work falls into this latter category, you’ve got other problems I not only can’t help you with, you already know full well what you need to do to up your game.

Problem solved!

BONUS: Creating “samples” may even literally prove directly lucrative for you. I’ll post something about this, maybe tomorrow.

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