Easy Way to Ensure You Get Paid for Your Freelance Work

Can’t help but notice how regularly, even frequently, posts on freelance-related forums I monitor come from freelancers looking for help/advice after being stiffed by their clients.

Here’s one way to easily increase the likelihood you’ll get paid: Watermark any of the job’s graphic elements. Take them out (basically by just replacing them with clean images) after you’ve been paid.

I just posted a free online photo watermarking tool that you can use for that purpose in the Toolbox.

It’ll mainly only work, of course, for jobs with watermarkable visual deliverables (e.g, you’re a freelance graphic designer). If you’re freelance writer and your deliverables are pure text, this is obviously of no use to you.

But if your project has any large enough graphic, you can great creative and still use watermarks to ensure payment. Maybe you’re a freelance writer that also provides accompanying photos. Or you’re a Web designer, and you may be able to watermark the hell out of those site headers. Try thinking out of the box, and you may surprise yourself.

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