$$ Blogging for Income

No surprise I’m writing about monetizing blogging. It’s usually the first on every “how to make money on the Internet” list out there. Here too, it looks like, first-mentioned at least. It’s a natural fit for writer-types, after all.

Those lists, by the way, are typically heavy on the “Rah! Rah! You can do it!” while leaving out a lot of crucial information. They do get you all excited, though, don’t they? Well, let’s see if we can use our emotions less and our brains more and analyze this blogging opp a bit further, shall we?

There are basically two ways to go about making money blogging:

  1. Write, publish, and manage your own blog.
  2. Get paid writing blog posts for others.

For this note, let’s do #1.

If bringing in income ASAP is your objective, launching your own blog is likely a horrible idea. For a very simple reason: To make any real money at it, you need traffic. A significant amount of it. Incoming regularly and consistently. And that also takes a significant amount of time and effort to build. (The rah rah lists often neglect to mention this, don’t they?).

But it also has big income potential for you down the road. Just got to make smart moves and pound away at it relentlessly. Definitely something to bounce around in your head as you try to decide what to do.

To make it more intriguing, there are different ways to go about it. You can take the full-blown website approach, or do something technically simpler, hosted on some other site. There’s a bunch of monetization and revenue models to play with also—ads, editorial promos, traffic shares, subscriptions, etc.

Woohoo! But if that traffic thing is practically nonexistent, not so much woohoo. See what I mean?

Clearly, that can be built up. How much time you got?

Now, if you already have a good sized social media following, that may be an asset you can build on for this. Maybe. Unless you’ve got the usual general collection of family, friends, and extended randoms whose names you don’t really recognize. But what the hell do I know about what you got? Point is, there’s a bucket full of variables to ponder first; just giving you the lay of the land here.

Well, that’s more or less what you’re facing with this way of making money blogging. Stay tuned for a lot more notes on this kind of blogging as we move forward.

Up next: Getting paid writing blog posts for others.

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