Toolbox Links DB Added

Got busy over the weekend and added a new section to the Wordpreneur Toolbox: the Links DB.

There are a lot of valuable free resources out there that wordpreneurs can use, common enough in form and function they can be categorized, and don’t really need much in the way of explanation. But valuable and useful nonetheless. Vital, even.

I plan to put those in the Toolbox Links DB, a collection of categorized links, basically, to these resources. The first two sets of links to websites I’ve added so far are:

  • Clipart + Illustrations
  • Photographs

Free graphics and pictures you can use for your websites, book covers, and other projects. And good ones. I’ve weeded out the crap and sites I don’t think put enough effort into keeping copyrighted content out of their collections. (Of course, unless a site offers original content—many in the Links DB are OC, by the way—there’s always a chance copyrighted stuff will get through, so your due diligence is always required.)

More categories are on the way! If there’s enough of them functionally similar to group—word processors, book formatters, etc.—they’ll eventually make it into the Links DB moving forward.

Another thing: I’m limiting the Links DB entries to just free resources (and good freemium ones, of course).

Go check it out!

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