News & Announcements • Feb. 20, 2020

Maintenance! And introducing the new and improved Wordpreneur Reader!

Much of the site is unavailable as Wordpreneur goes through some much needed maintenance and overhauling. If you wish, we can notify you by email when the site is fully back up by entering your email address on the left.

But the new and improved Wordpreneur Reader is now up and running and ready to use!

Some Reader improvements you may notice:

  • The Reader now uses a simple link directory structure, with each article, blog post, news item, tutorial, etc., organized by category.
  • Each item now links directly with the source. You will no longer be routed through an internal page with an excerpt and a link.
  • Each addition to the Reader will be “broadcast” on Twitter, Facebook and likely LinkedIn as well. The links provided on social media will also link directly to the source, without needing to route through the Wordpreneur site.

Cool, huh? Stay tuned for more as we pound away at the site!

Comments? Questions?

Every new post on Wordpreneur Reader shared on Twitter will sport this label to make them easier to spot on your timeline when one comes through.
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