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Freelance Money 1: What to Charge

A Guide for Setting Your Rates

How much do you charge for your work and services?

Figuring out the right response to that is, understandably, one of the more difficult, uncomfortable, anxiety-inducing tasks beginning freelancers wrestle with. And understandably so. Even experienced freelancers often find the question nerve-wracking.

This handy, highly-focused, convenient IQlibrary guide may just be the help you’re looking for! It takes the guesswork out of the equation, giving you a number of real world tried-and-tested “tools” and tips to figure out the right rates and prices as payment for your freelance services and projects. You’ll find:

  • Formulas that not only help you calculate what to charge for your services, they make you concentrate on core factors that truly matter.
  • Tips to help you navigate through the various issues involved in setting profitable rates.
  • Ideas showing different ways to structure payments for your work that clients may find more appealing and attractive for their needs.

Though many of the examples you’ll find here will be related to the kind of work one sees and does as a Wordpreneur — writing, Web development, design, etc. — what this guide teaches and reveals will be applicable to a wide range of freelance services, whatever the industry.

Get your copy now, and let’s get to work!

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