Wordpreneur Reader 06.26.2012

Here is this week’s Tuesday installment of the Wordpreneur Reader, with links to articles elsewhere I found informative and useful. Enjoy, go forth and learn, Grasshopper!

Could Riffle Be the Pinterest of Book Discovery? (Publishers Weekly) — “There are numerous ways to discover books, yet online book discovery continues to be one of the biggest challenges that publishers, authors, and booksellers face. Now the Facebook marketing platform Odyl… is in the midst of rolling out a new one, Riffle.”

Finding Your Voice With the Media: How to Pitch a Journalist (The Daily Muse) — “You know you’ll need to contact the media, but doing so might be a bit intimidating. And, not surprisingly, there are some unspoken rules that govern the relationship between brands and the media that can be tricky to navigate.”

How to write a one-page business plan (Bplans) — “Whether you want to call it a ‘one page business plan,’ an executive summary, or an elevator pitch, it should contain the following…”

Kindle app updates bring children’s books, graphic novels and comics to iOS, Android and Cloud Reader (Engadget) — “If you’re a Kindle user on iOS, Android or Amazon’s Cloud Reader, a new update brings children’s books, graphic novels and comics to your virtual library.”

Obvious Nigerian scam emails appear that way for a reason (Yahoo!) — “A Microsoft researcher… did a bit of homework on this scam… and found why the attack still works after all these years.”

The Simple Reason You’re Not a Writer (Yet) (Copyblogger) — “It was a simple shift of mind that changed everything, and it’s what you need to do — if people are going to take your work seriously.”

6 Strategies For Being Purposefully Productive (Women 2.0) — “[A]ctivity does not always equal productivity… Being purposefully productive is about making better choices, using better strategies, and understanding how our brains and bodies can work best.”

Want to Sell More Books? Try Giving Some Away! (K.W. McCabe) — “The more I studied low profile authors who sold lots of books, I found that there were ways to sell books that didn’t take a lot of time and money. Giving away ebooks is one way that works for some. Here’s how it recently worked for me.”

Why Crowded Coffee Shops Fire Up Your Creativity (The Atlantic) — “Yes, caffeine helps. But new research shows that the moderate noise level in busy cafés also perks up your creative cognition.”

Why France is shunning the ebook (The Guardian) — “Ebooks in France have been slow to catch on, as readers overwhelmingly prefer the printed page… The state price-fixing rule has been extended to digital reading. But the change is not just a question of cost. Surveys have shown that the majority of French readers, like those in Germany, still prefer paper books to reading onscreen.”

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