Wordpreneur Reader 02.24.2012

Here is this week’s installment of the Wordpreneur Reader, with links to articles elsewhere I found informative and useful. Enjoy, go forth and learn, Grasshopper!

Barnes & Noble: Nook Biz Up 38% In Q4, New Nook Tablet 8G (eBookNewser) — “Barnes & Noble’s Nook business — which includes devices, digital content and accessories – increased 38% during Q4 2011 to $542 million from Q4 2010.”

Google Kills Hosted AdSense for Domains on Undeveloped Sites (DomainNameNews) — “After nearly 4 years of running the program, the company has decided to discontinue their hosted Adsense for Domains on undeveloped domain names. The company is recommending migrating your domain names to a parking company.”

How to Boost Your E-Newsletter Clickthroughs (Open Forum) — “Business owners who see a high clickthrough rate on their newsletters say it’s all about their customers.”

How to Master Any Skill (Inc.) — “Once you’ve mastered a skill, it becomes automatic. Here’s how to get it right, without the pitfalls.”

Lindles: Jeremy Lin, Amazon Kindle, And The Rise Of Insta-Authors (Fast Company) — “72 hours to write a 15,000-plus-word manuscript, 36 hours for the fine folks at Vook to build the e-book, and then another 24 hours for them to arrange the distribution. So from conception to availability, we’re talking just under a week.”

Mastering the Art of Authentic Confident Self-Promotion (Forbes) — “People are too busy today to go out of their way to find you, recognize and reward you. The good news is, however, that you can create the visibility and credibility you need to move your career forward.”

Social and the grey market (Econsultancy) — “People over the age of 55 are the fastest growing group joining Facebook… people over 50 are more likely to use social networks on their mobiles than people under 30.”

STUDY: Kindle Fire Owners Likely To Buy iPad 3 (eBookNewser) — “According to a new study from TechBargains.com, which interviewed technology users, more than 50 percent of Kindle Fire owners plan to buy the iPad 3.”

Ten ways to build up your personal brand (Globe and Mail) — “Personal branding is not a new concept, but the ways in which we build and express our personal brands are undergoing a revolution thanks to the Internet and social media.”

10 Ways to Deal With Upset Customers Using Social Media (Social Media Examiner) — “Remember: Negative word of mouth is an opportunity… A great response strategy can convert angry and upset customers into loyal, raving fans.”

Where to Look to Raise Cash For Your Business (Entrepreneur) — “In markets across the U.S., local funding biases dictate the types of companies most likely to find at-home financial support. So how can entrepreneurs branch out and capture the funding they need when local isn’t a viable option?”

Why your online videos are failing (iMediaConnection) — “Video is passive, shopping is active. Should active shoppers be satisfied with passive content? The answer is simple — no. They want more than just video to help them shop and make decisions.”

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