How to know what to write about.

“A 4-step plan for starting a daily blogging habit.

Let’s talk a little about blogging, first. There are really two things you can do: teach something you’re an expert at or learn something you’re not an expert at.

Bryan Harris at VideoFruit calls the second one learning out loud.

When I write about writing fiction, I put on my expert cap. I’ve been a fiction writer for more than 20 years, I’m traditionally published, I’ve studied at a college level.

When I write about writing fiction, I’m teaching readers what I’ve already mastered. I’m a sherpa who already knows the way.

When I write about my big, fat plan of running an Iron Man three years from now, I’m most definitely learning out loud. I hope no one comes to me (at least not right now) looking for advice about how to be an Iron Man because I am not your girl.

When I write about my Iron Man plan, I’m taking readers along with me as I do this thing I’ve never done before. I’m a stumbler, just like you.

See the difference?

So, start here: Take an inventory.
Get out a notebook and make a couple of lists.”

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