13 Weird, Obscure Niche Markets Most People Probably Never Heard Of

“It seems like just about anything can be turned into a profitable business these days.

Don’t believe me? Keep reading.

When it comes to online courses, if there is a demand, then it’s possible to make a profit. And you would be shocked at what there is a demand for.

I know I was.

People turn to the internet to learn things every single day. All kinds of things!

They’re even willing to pull out their wallet to make it happen.

And just because they can find a ton of free information on YouTube doesn’t mean you can’t make a profitable business on that topic. There is a ton of value in organizing the information so they don’t have to try to find all of it themselves.

Our friend Mariah at Femtrepreneur posted an article about proven and profitable courses in strange, fringe niche markets you’ve probably never heard of.

And since those people are creating profitable courses, you might want to consider getting into these markets.


1. Audition Hacker by Rob Knopper

His course teaches you how to rock your auditions no matter what instrument you play. As a member of the MET orchestra, he has the experience but was not sure how this digital program in a very traditional space would do.

Rob was nervous that because no one else in his industry offers online courses (literally nobody!) that his audience would just not know what a course was or buy one online. When he launched last year, he literally had no other people in his industry to look to as examples.

Well, after a $40k first launch to a very small, targeted list and another launch underway that promises to be even bigger, Rob proved everyone wrong who told him a course about auditioning for the orchestra was way too niche and would never work.

Are you in a niche with no other courses? Great! You can be the first!

2. So You Wanna Be A Fashion Designer by Julie Mollo

Julie Mollo has a successful business as a fashion designer and stylist – you’ve seen her dresses being worn by award winners at the Grammy’s and in your favorite music videos (Beyonce is a fan and client of hers).

However, Julie’s business can be seasonal, and after years of people asking her to please please please share what she knows about running a boostrapped-but-booming fashion brand, she decided to create a course about it.

Again, there are hardly any other people in this niche selling courses. At first she thought this would be a huge obstacle.

Turns out, the fact that her industry has so few people teaching online courses was a huge asset! She now has international magazines, top universities, and major bloggers promoting her course, all because of how unique it is.”

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