Why Medium is the Best Marketing For Your Blog

“It’d always frustrate me after I publish a post on my blog. Simply because no one would respond or share it.

Did I pick a boring topic? Did I not provide enough value to readers? Did I publish at the wrong time?

No, the real problem was not getting enough visibility to generate a steady stream of visitors to my blog. In other words, I had a dead blog.

The only way I could get people to realize I even existed was to:

1. Write SEO-optimized content.

This required me to research for specific keywords that’d help me rank higher on search engines and write fresh, quality content using those keywords.


2. Use a mainstream media to promote my content.

This meant publishing my post on active social media sites: Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Quora to drive more traffic to my blog.

To keep it simple, I devoted all of my attention to #2. Surprisingly, Medium had worked the best for me.

In one month, I’d gotten 1,193 visitors who’d read my posts and clicked directly to Rabbut (my blog).

Here’s why Medium is the better marketing platform to promote your blog.

Medium targets readers.

Unlike Linkedin who appeals to college graduates and marketers or Instagram who attracts photographers and food/fashion bloggers, Medium targets readers. Readers who crave stories that evoke strong feelings and open their eyes to new perspectives.

Just read one of the posts from ‘Top Stories’ or Editor’s Picks, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Rarely will you find posts that try to ‘sell’ you a product or waste your time, simply because Medium rewards stories that teach or awaken your senses. As a matter of fact, they keep reforming their homepage and search page to deliver only the best stories to their readers.

What does this mean to you as a blogger?

A sure way that people will actually read your content on Medium and be interested in what you say.

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