Can Ugly Websites Rank with Better SEO?

As Google and the average Web user have matured, the importance of great design has been magnified.

Even so, business owners should understand that an ugly website can rank. Despite this fact, almost every capable SEO or marketing agency will suggest that you update that ugly site as part of your marketing plan, and for good reason. A well thought-out site can increase user engagement, conversions and revenue generated.

Moving beyond the aesthetics of the website, functionality is another area quickly gaining ground. Design, development and SEO initiatives should be built into a cohesive strategy.

Today we are going to look at three fundamental changes that will help your website reach its’ full potential in 2017 and beyond.

#1: More Content is the Problem, Not the Solution

A website could have the answers to all things related to love, the secret to winning all manner of war, and bonus chapters filled with treasure maps and immortality life hacks, but if it is buried below fluff, people aren’t going to see or engage with it.

If you have a large, content rich site, chances are you have at least a few pages that aren’t getting any engagement.

If you think of website quality as an average score determined by all the pages of said site, it seems clear that low engagement pages would bring down the average of amazing pages.

Just like a landscaper trims away the weak, dying or dead branches, you should be pruning your site. This will not only bring up the ‘average score’ of good pages, it will also cut the fluff from your users’ journey, allowing them to navigate smoothly and find the best information quickly.”

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