The eBook price is right. Or is it?

“Should you price your eBook at $.99? $2.99? How about $9.99?

I remember hearing this question six years ago from self-published authors and it continues today. In fact, BookBaby publishing specialists tell me questions about eBook price are among the most frequently asked by our authors and prospects. That should be no surprise – it’s one of the most important factors in the discoverability of a self published book.

Back in 2012 I addressed some eBook pricing questions in a BookBaby blog post, ‘How Much Should You Charge For Your eBook?’ Surprisingly, a lot of the information in that post remains valid, especially for brand new authors embarking on their first self publishing efforts.

Four years later, I can offer some new information based on BookBaby authors’ sales results. But first let’s review how pricing affects the amount of money authors receive from Amazon, iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and the other retailers. For the purpose of this post, we’ll use the percentages paid by Amazon:

  • If your eBook is priced between $.99 and $2.98, Amazon pays authors 35% of the gross selling price (35¢ – $1.04).
  • If your eBook is priced between $2.99 and $9.99, Amazon pays out a royalty of 70% on all Kindle titles ($2.09 – $6.99).
  • If your eBook is priced over $10.00, Amazon pays out only 35%. Most of the other eBook retailers have similar price banding.
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