The Success Hackers Guide to the Galaxy: A Step Ahead

“I am confident that we often study and celebrate the wrong things. We study and celebrate success. We read about the successes of business folks and assume by reading about their successes, we ourselves will be successful. Why does this happen? It happens primarily because victors tell the stories.

Perhaps the greatest gift of victory is the right to tell the story: to write the history. What do you expect from a successful person telling their story? The bad stuff? Most importantly, often successful folks don’t know why they are successful and often attribute it to just being them. This will not help you.

Disruption, hacking and discovery come from doing something different than everyone else in the game.

The ‘hackers’ path to success lies in the study and learning of how to pivot from what others are doing. Hackers do things differently than everyone else.

Modern studies of success say it is a combination of some skill set and luck. In my experience, successful folks have awesome ‘soft skills’ which are often mistakenly perceived as luck. Unlike luck, soft skills are learnable and teachable. If you are a manager, it is your job to cultivate these skills in others, and your responsibility to learn and keep your soft skills sharp. As an employee, associate or worker, this is as important — I would argue more important, than your technical skills.”

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