The Trials of an Indie Author: Marketing Yourself


So what can you do? You can join Facebook groups, set up an author page as soon as you can and market yourself, and your work, through that. Even if as of yet you’ve not gotten to the point where you know for sure when you’re work is going to be out there. I have corrected a lot of the mistakes I made by learning from other indie authors (and let’s be honest here, traditionally published authors have to do the same amount of marketing themselves too) who have come into the writing and publishing world after me. These are writers who have not made my mistakes and have put themselves into a position where they can showcase their work to the point of a huge following. I’m talking about writers like Jenna Moreci and Vivien Reis. Both of which have a bit following on Tumblr and Youtube and because of that, their books are well known, even those they are both indie authors with only, so far, one book out.”

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